Evidence Audio SIS1 Solderless Cable Kit - Burgundy (5 FEET OF CABLE & 8 PLUGS)

Evidence Audio SIS1 Solderless Cable Kit - Burgundy (5 FEET OF CABLE & 8 PLUGS)

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Great for a guitarist who wants their pedal board to look and run as smoothly as possible. Making your own cables has become a more common practice in recent years with several manufacturers making kits so you can get the exact length cable you need. The Evidence Audio SIS1 looks to make this even easier for you with their Screw In Solderless (SIS) system.


Because this is a solderless system you can easily cut a new length of cable and use the same heads as before if your pedal board changes. With 5ft of cable and 8 right angled jacks you can create 4 patch cables of varying lengths with this pack.


Top Sound Quality

It may not seem like much but the quality of the cable you are using in your rig can heavily effect your signal. Whether it is extra noise, loss of signal or just bad quality low end cables will only take your rig so far. These Evidence Audio SIS systems are made on their monorail cables which although small are made with only the highest quality components. These cables keep your signal clear and crisp without loss of signal. YOu don't have to worry about these cables adding noise to your rig.


Simple But High Quality Build

These monorail SIS cables are small and flexible so they can easily fit around you pedal board without getting in the way of your pedals. Just because they are thin though doesn't mean they are easy to break. These cables can withstand incredible amounts of weight without breaking. So don't worry about having to get around tight corners in your pedal board the Evidence SIS can handle it.

The quality of these solderless cables easily matches up to more expensive soldered set ups thanks to its screw in design. Compared to other solderless systems which rely on smaller contacts with the cable to hold it in to the plug the Evidence SIS system has a much stronger larger contact that keeps the cable held together.

What Evidence say about the SIS1 Cable Kit:

The very pure solid IGL copper conductor of the Monorail cable is softer than brass. The SIS plug is made from brass which is a bit harder than copper. (Most good plugs are made from a brass alloy as  copper would be too soft for use as a plug).
The inside of the tip of the SIS plug is carefully machined to have "threads" of a precise size and pitch. These threads cut and re-shape the soft conductor of the Monorail when turn around it several times.

When you push the prepared cable into the SIS plug, the soft copper will find the hole. When you turn the plug 1 or 2 times the harder brass core of the plug will catch and cut into the copper conductor. When you feel this happen you put the cap in place and screw the SIS plug into the cap. This action:

  • Turns the soft copper deeper into the SIS core
  • Mashes the ground up against the SIS body to make ground contact (air tight as the copper is deformed inside pushing air from the connection
  • Seals the red jacket at the exit tightly so that the cable will not come loose from the plug and the cap will not come loose from the plug body.




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