Free The Tone

"Free The Tone was established in 2002 as a company that designs and produces custom products, pedalboards and tour systems for professional Japanese guitarists and bassists. As the words "THE HOLISTIC APPROACH TO SYSTEM DESIGN" express, instead of focusing on single components, we approach the entire system design in a comprehensive way. We believe in helping musicians improve their performance and aim to develop trouble-free products by getting to know more about how musicians use the products in live performance or recording situations. An environment that allows you to concentrate on your performance will have a positive effect on your sound. It helps to unleash the sound.

Today, we can offer products that can be used by everyone by making full use of our accumulated know-how. Every time we release a new product, there is a reaction from our users which will inspire our design for the next product. And by continuing to offer new products, we hope to inspire our users with novel and creative ways to experience their dreams and realize the very best in sound."